"Over the years my dentist has helped me overcome my fear of going to the dentist and fear of the pain. He is very patient, calming, takes the time to explain things so I can understand them and has a sense of humor which helps me. I like my hygienist and the rest of my support staff."
--Lily Milton

a thing of the past!

You will experience dental technology at it’s very best in our office!

We will utilize a 3D computerized display of your teens completed smile - while they will never have to take a goopy impression! Your detailed treatment plan will be completed through this 3D technology!

  • Breakthrough Support The terrible tasting and awkward impression trays are completely unneccessary!
  • Precision Adjustments Dr. Navarro will customize your teens teeth through meticulous programming, allowing your teen to receive the rockstar smile they deserve!
  • Trackable Progress Through the Invisalign process, you will be able to see your teens smile as it progresses through 3D based models!

Your Family is Our Passion!

You are in the best hands with Dr. Navarro moving your teens teeth! He will help your teen have the smile of their dreams!

Technology has become incredibly helpful to make detailed adjustments to your teens teeth.

Modern 3D Technology

Rest-assured, your teens treatment is completely customized to their (and your) wants and needs. Our 3D technology gives you the most reliable and faultless results.

The Science of Orthodontics

Dr. Navarro will use an incredible software that allows him to determine the exact amount of pressure needed to move your teens teeth to the perfect position.

Perfect Smiles

Dr. Navarro does every necessary step to be sure that your teens perfect smile is achieved. He and his team will give your teens teeth the best and most detailed attention to make sure your smile is the finest it could be!

Invisalign for Teens

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