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Braces for Teens

Braces have been a tried and true way to achieve gorgeous smiles for decades for a reason! When your teen gets braces at Mint Orthodontics, you can be sure they’ll walk out beaming from ear to ear!

More About Orthodontic Braces in Texas

Your teen receives the very best care with Dr. Navarro moving their teeth! Your teen will finish treatment with the smile of their dreams!

Amazing technology for precise adjustments to your teens teeth.

Modern 3D Technology

Treatment for your teen is completely customized to your wants and needs. You are guaranteed to receive the most accurate and precise results.

The Science of Orthodontics

Dr. Navarro’s awesome software will give him the tools to determine the exact amount of movement needed to get your teens teeth to the perfect position.

Perfect Smiles

Dr. Navarro will complete every step necessary to ensure that a perfect smile is achieved for your teen! He and his team will dedicate time and attention to the most detailed parts of your teens smile.

Different Types of Braces

Ever wondered what types of braces are available? Here’s where you can learn about them

Metal Braces (Traditional):

Brackets are created with stainless steel, and they must use colored elastics. This type of bracket is attached to the front of each tooth and every tooth that requires movement will receive a bracket.

Ceramic (Semi-Clear) Braces:

Ceramic brackets are made with materials that make them nearly invisible compared to traditional brackets. This is a fabulous option for your teen if they are concerned with visibility of brackets on their teeth.

Self-Ligating Braces:

Self-ligating brackets are also made of stainless steel, like the traditional brackets. These brackets, however, do not use colored elastics to hold the wire in place. The self-ligating brackets have a small door that holds the wire. The awesome thing is that the door helps to lessen the pressure that is placed on your teeth and these brackets also require fewer in-office adjustments. These self-ligating brackets are also available in ceramic (semi-clear)!

Lingual Braces:

Lingual brackets are attached to the back side of your teeth so they are much less visible! Lingual brackets are made of stainless steel, and function much like the traditional option. Many adult patients complain of traditional braces being so visible, and that is not a concern with the lingual bracket option.

Braces For Teens

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